Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Review: Three Days to Dead

Three Days to Dead

By: Kelly Meding

Book Review by: K. Carson

Plot: Honestly, I was surprised by how unimpressed I was by this plot. It had such an interesting premise, a Dreg hunter is killed and resurected by her Handler/would be lover and has three days to solve her own murder. But sadly, a lot of the plot twists in this book were sadly predictable. There was nothing wrong with them, but nothing took me by surprise. It was rather average. The thing that mostly bothered me, however, was the confusion the entire way through the book. Everything seemed to be disproved, making it very difficult to understand what was going on. It frustrated me. Of course, it kept me reading, so I guess that says something, doesn't it? Also, I felt there was an unneeded amount of death in this book. Characters we didn't know were dying, so when important characters did die it was dull and on multiple occasions I rolled my eyes. It seemed that when a character became unnecessary they died.

I decree; 3/5

Characters: I'd like to say that I grew attached to the characters, but I really didn't. They were the typical kickass fantasy heroine and her sidekick lover. They were well built characters, but I didn't find myself growing attached to them at all. Not in the least. I think this is what made this read so much harder for me. The only character I had an interest in was nearly killed off, brought back, and then killed off and brought back again. Also, I had a slight interest in her villian, which I thinkshould have had a bigger role. He was killed off too quickly for an interesting villian with an interesting power.

I decree: 3/5

Fundimentals: I did notice a few mistakes that made me pause and re-read, but it was not a poorly constructed book. Things made sense in the order that they appeared and there was nothing that threw me off too terribly. (except that it was written in first person, but hey, I can forgive my grievances)

I decree: 4/5

Overall: It wasn't a terrible book, and I'll probably read more of Meding's work, but I just found this book to be horribly... ordinary. Nothing made it stand out to me, which was really too bad.


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