Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's a Sad Day (In Wonderland)

I think all authors have trouble when it comes time to say goodbye to a book. That goodbye can come in many forms-- finishing the book, placing it away, finishing a series, ect. For me, it's rewriting.

I hate rewriting books with a passion. Rewriting a scene or a chapter I can do, but when I look at an entire book and am forced to rewrite it, I feel like beating my head against the counter until I see little white stars and fall unconscious.

Rewriting is probably easier than writing the book in the first place, because you've got an idea of what you want it to look, how you want it to play out. But looking at the manuscript and realizing you did all that work and it's going to go out the window is painful.

I wrote DON back in March/April. Since then I left it alone and came back to it several times, but I just couldn't get into it. (If you've been following my blog, DON is the sequel to TED) I've found one of the main reasons why is because of a lack of tension. In the first book, there was tons of tension, and a whole hell of a lot of mystery. But since my characters know who the bad guy is, that takes out the aspect of mystery and I've just really let myself go with the tension.

I'll probably feel a lot better about the (re)writing process when I dive in. After all, I've got a plan, and I know my book will look amazing when its done.

But damn. I think I need to whip out the scotch.



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  1. Well, you could always add new chapters to the book to perfect it. I could be never ending... Imagination is the limit to writing :P