Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Duff's New Book "Elixer"

Hilary Duff's recent release of Elixer has been ruffling some feathers from authors who are questioning the recent string of celebrity books. Ones like Justin Bieber's memoir and Miley Cyrus' memoir.

It's easy to hate these stars. I mean, when you're a writer vying for an anget's or publisher's attention, it's obnoxious to see someone who most likely didn't even write their own book waltz right past you. While my friend and I were having a lovely discussion, I broke off mid-sentence to rant when my eyes landed on Bieber's memoir. (although this has more to do with the fact that he's sixteen and what would he have to write about?)

After I finished ranting, I had to take a deep breath and realize the ramifications of Duff publishing her book. What does it acheive? Diehard Duff fans will go into the bookstore to get her book, and who knows, they might pick up something else? This will get money to the publishers, the agent and the ghost writer. It gets publicity for book stores and brings people in who might not go to a book store as often as we'd like them too.

Yes, it's frustrating. Yes, sometimes we rant. But when we think about it, Duff's book benefits us, the unpublished writers of the world. Because if a publishing company is making more money, they're more likely to take a chance and buy a book of an unpublished author.

Sure, it may not increase our chances greatly, and if we write a crappy book it doesn't matter how many teen celebritites write something, we won't get our foot in the door.

But being the optimist that I am, I have to look at the lighter side of this. What do we honestly get about bitching and whining about these actors and singers who have publishers kissing their asses? We don't get anything. Sometimes it's fun to be bitchy, but it's better to channel that energy into working on perfecting your next book.



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