Saturday, December 26, 2009


Those who know me, know I love to fish. Whenever I can, I sneak away with a rod and bait. Unfortunately, I live in Prairie Land, so that's not often.

The other day I was really fed up with my current MS, and so I was ranting and raving away. And remembering a rather frustrating fishing trip last summer in whih I caught nothing, I compared getting an agent to catching a fish. And I think it holds true. You need the right kind of bait to catch the right kind of fish. Sometimes you have sit on the water for hours and hours and you catch nothing. Sometimes you get a nibble, and if you're lucky, you catch that little bastard and pull him into your boat. And voila! You have dinner.

And that's it. It doesn't take much to catch a fish. Just your supplies and your never-ending barrel of paitence. And that's the same with a book. You don't need to have your book and your side and a never-ending barrel of paitence.

And of course, eventually, you'll get there.

I love a good metaphor. Peace,


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