Monday, December 14, 2009

Movie Review: The Princess and the Frog

Movie review by: Katie Carson
Characters: Disney took a new spin on a clasic fairy tale, and boy did they do it right! The story focuses on Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) and Naveen (Bruno Campos). Of course, Prince Naveen, the smooth-talking, spoiled little prince boy dabbles in voodoo and gets himself turned into a frog. He mistakes hard-working no-nonsense Tiana as a princess one night at a costume party and requests a kiss. Of course, it backfires because Tiana isn't a real princess, and she's turned into a frog. With the shadow man after them, Tiana and Naveen have to find a way to turn themselves back into humans. Tiana and Naveen are polar oppoisites at the beginning of the film, and like all great characters, they grow and change. Naveen learns that maybe it's okay to start learning to take care of himself and Tiana starts to relax and have fun. The characters are what make this movie great. From their accents, to expressions and general body language, these characters are thought out! They're complex to the point where you could believe they may pop out and introduce themselves. Years of planning went into these characters, and it certainly paid off.
I decree: 5/5
Plot: Character driven, as most Disney movies are. But what I love is how each character ties back in a significant way. The childhood friends become a defining character, many moments you thought were insignificant come back. Little hints are throughout the film as to what's coming up, and I believe one should watch this movie more than once. There were a few nitpicky things that I do have to point out. There was one character that I felt wasn't unecessary, but should've had a greater role. But it's a children's film, and some complexities need to be left out.
Regardless, I decree 5/5
Fundementals: The fact that Tiana is black is not an issue. My friend, whom I saw the movie with, told me he was worried that issues or stereotypes would be brought up with an african-american princess, but no racial problems arose. There was a mention of her "upbringing" by a nasty little character that was merely meant to be a representation of how people look down on her becausme she isn't white. However, it's very subtle. I think the fact that Tiana was a frog through most of the film helped too. Overall, I love handdrawn animation. Nothing gets more natural than going back to your roots, and this film proved it. The beauty matched some of Disney's classics! It avoided all stereotypes, managed to keep a very balenced cast. And the music! Wonderful Disney music!
I dub: 5/5
Overall: See it. Then see it again. Then, go see it again. That's what I did.

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