Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Wanna Hear Yours: Do You Lend Out Books?

Quick update on my pub status if any of you are still interested: We're going on submission any day now, and I just recieved an email last night asking me to revise my synopsis.

Kill me now.

I keep telling myself that this is good-- I really need to practice my synopsis writing skills. I can master this! I mastered query writing, didn't I?

God, kill me now.

Anyway, I wanna know your thoughts on lending out books. I think we've all done it, once or twice, and we've all been burned by having our books ruined or lost. A dear friend of mine is an obsessive book collector. She'll even buy books from a series she doesn't like because she has to have the whole series. She loves reading and I love her for it. But she 100% refuses to lend out books. She's been burned a few times in the past, and now she won't let anyone touch her books. Not even me. Yes, I know. Gasp.

I'm a little different. I'm a book collector. (Not to her extent) I lend out books all the time, but only the books I love love love. I want to share that love, and have someone else I can talk about it with. So I lend out my books. And... then sometimes they don't come back. But since I'm a book collector, I will go out and rebuy the books that other people have lost, because I love them so very much. I don't worry about the money I'm spending-- for me to love it enough to lend it out, I really don't mind suporting the author twice over. Though I have limited who I lend my books out to people who I know will return them.

So, you've heard my ramblings. I wanna hear yours.

Do you lend out books?



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  1. Very rarely and only to a select few people that I know I can trust. I almost freaked out when my mom took one of my books and lent it to a friend that I had never met without asking me. And yet, I don't think twice about lending them up to my own best friend because I know she'll take care of them, enjoy them like they're meant to be, and bring it back.