Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Nest

So recently I undertook PHASE TWO of my editing process. This is where I translate paper edits like "Rework this sentence" and "add more tension here" to actually inputting those changes. It is a LONG and TEDIOUS process, and so to make it a little easier on me (and lower my chances of procrastinating) I have constructed The Nest!

The Nest, day one.

Why does The Nest work? Why does this little setup of my hard drive on my coffee table, with the basket from a chair, work so well? Over the years, my muse and I have come to an understanding. She doesn't like me, I don't like her, but we need to work together. All's well during the first draft, but edits for me are a little different.

When I write, I can write anywhere, anytime, so long as I have a computer and can focus. But when I edit, I create things like The Nest to help boost my productivity. Because let's face it, edits suck, especially PHASE TWO edits. They make the book so much more awesome and I love them for that, but in the end it's a lot of trudging through badly constructed sentences.

The Nest, two chapters in.

The Nest works for me for some very simple reasons:

--> Right in front of the TV. I can switch channels, mute, put in DVDs-- whatever, and I don't have to crane my neck, like I do at my computer desk. (This is purposeful. TV = not helpful for writing.)

--> Sitting low to the floor is not only comfortable, but INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TO GET OUT OF. Trust me, when my butt is in that chair, getting out is the last thing I want to do. This cuts down on my wandering.

--> Internet and music are within arm's reach, along with things like cell phone, which I ignore for the duration of my edits.


The Nest, ten chapters in.

Do I HAVE to construct my massive nest to do my edits? No, but it makes them a hell of a lot easier. I appease the procrastination demons in my head while still getting my work done, and this way is much more fun. Not only do I have fun constructing it, but I get a sense of accomplishment every time another piece of paper hits the floor. Is it a bitch to clean up? Oh yeah. But it's fun, and if I can't enjoy what I do, why the hell do I even bother doing it?

I think a certain someone likes having the couch all to herself.

So there you have it! A whole bunch of crazy! Do you guys have any editing/writing habits? Not that we need these things to get the job done, but they're fun habits (sometimes.) How do you guys like to get down to work? Do you have your own work space? Send me pics!



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